Of Path and Place

We need a way in, a way to explore the unknown... a way to experience awareness and exercise creatively. 


We need a way into the unknown mystery in front of and within oneself. 

We need a universal support, a pattern, or a ground on which to explore our freedoms.

This universal organizing principle, guide of support, or functioning archetype, is the creative use of path and place.


Creatively, the expressions of music, dance, sacred architecture, and painting are concretized abstractions, ritualized abstractions, of path and place.


Making meaning is creating place. 

Meaning is created place. 

Belonging to place is identity.



In order to explore the unknown, experience awareness and exercise creatively, we create and discover a safe belonging to sacred place.


Creating and discovering sacred place uncovers transformative energies that enable the courage and compassion needed to explore the unknown, experience awareness, and exercise creatively.


The unknown mystery is the other in front of one and the other within. To follow the “path” is to uncover and learn the unknown mystery of an other as sacred place.


We create and discover path and place to uncover and learn sacred place. 

Path is our freedom and place is our faith.



-Paul Rude, ©2007

Paul Rude ©2012, All Rights Reserved

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Paul Rude ©2012, All Rights Reserved